Eyes forward and trust your feet!

I love folk festivals! Warm summer days bringing together terrific music with uplifting messages, the chance to reconnect with old friends and make new – folk festivals are a happy place. 

Last weekend I thoroughly enjoyed the Bear Creek Folk Festival in Grande Prairie. In the Family Area I watched kids navigate the tightrope challenge, I realized it is a mirror for what is going on in our communities. These are shaky times as we all navigate a landscape that is different from what we knew.

Things that we thought were certain are now under scrutiny, and just like the 4 yr old who was watching her feet on the rope and was getting less sure of herself and more unsteady the harder she stared at her feet, the scrutiny in our lives can create more uncertainty and anxiety. It is not the way to success.

It is time to get steady within yourself.

Another youngster climbed onto the rope, placed his gaze forward and walked confidently across.

Lesson realized: Keep your eyes forward and trust your feet. Empowering.

forgive myself for believing I need to let uncertain times shake me.

I give myself permission to focus on where I want to go and trust myself.

I can be anxious or I can find my confidence. I choose to regain my confidence.

I am free to be confident and trust myself today as I (prepare dinner go for a walk, ride my bike…)

remember how confident I felt when I…

These shaky times are an opportunity for me to expand my confidence and trust myself.

I am grateful for my expanding confidence.

Loads of questions as we all make new decisions. You want the answers to come from a solid confidence in yourself. Eyes forward and trust your feet.

Join me for “Getting Steady in Shaky Times”.

It’s my gift to support the world in moving forward – helping one person, one family, one workplace at a time find their feet.