Doubt is an extremely useful emotion . . .

Transition – a time when doubt can spring to the mind of even the most confident individual. When things around us shift, we begin to question and wonder “What if?”  Maybe it’s just the age or stage I am at, but it seems as though everything is in flux. Everyone I know is finding changes coming rapidly and often without warning. Perhaps it IS the year of the Horse, and in the final quarter of the year when the horse is galloping! But how to ride it out without being bucked off!

In times of tranisition it is good to do a “gear check”. Figure out what IS solid and focus on that. Put your mind to what you know to be true, and build from there. There is always something, however small to hang on to. This is the perfect time to pull out the list of your strengths – and if you haven’t created one – there is no time like the present! What ARE you good at? What are your positive attributes? What strengths do you bring to a situation? What does it feel like when you are “on your game”, and create what you need to feel that way now.