Creating 2020 Vision

“It’s not about making New Year’s resolutions or forcing yourself to do something different.

It IS about focusing on how you want to BE, BEing it, allowing the vision to form, then the DO shows up…

And you’ve created what you desire” – Suze Casey

A video message from Suze 

Ready for mindful clarity in 2020?

Tap into your power of personal intention

Magnify with the power of group intention

Create your 2020 vision

A monthly 20 minute focused Group Mindful Clarity session (live and recorded) with on-going support for your two minute daily OWN work

Each month focuses on one area (body, mind, family, finances, community, soul) with reflection, intention setting, and re-patterning.

Simple, straightforward, super-charged!

Are you seeking:

  • more balance?
  • more energy?
  • more productivity?
  • greater intuition?
  • greater insight?
  • greater fulfillment?

You are in the right place! (click here)


Commit to yourself – you are so worth it!

Join Suze in her innovative and empowering practice of Creation. Imagine gaining clarity, transforming your dreams into reality and realizing your personal 2020 vision.

We are creating a kinder and more positive world. BE a part of the Creating 2020 Vision movement and join us today! Go to the Store and add it to your cart! 

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