Create the Balance in 2013: Putting Yourself First

Do you ever feel like you are stretched too many directions?

Learning to change the balancing act into a life of balance may feel impossible, but it is as simple as becoming conscious about your daily choices.

Try this quick process:

Fold a piece of paper into six.

Label each section a part of your life, for example:

Physical Health, Emotional/Spiritual Well-Being, Learning, Family, Finances, Community Contribution.

At the end of the day, jot down what you accomplished, sorting into these categories. You’ll see the gap – and that’s where you plan “one small thing” for tomorrow. You’ll also see where the bulk of your energy is going, and perhaps a way to delegate or let go of “one small thing” that is creating imbalance. Give yourself permission to let it go with ease, and choose something to support you.

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