Completely change your perception

“Assume: to take as being true, for the purpose of argument or action” This is the Concise Oxford Dictionary definition…I’ve been observing the assumptions people make, and find it fascinating how often they are from the “worst case scenario” side of the line.


  • I forgive myself for believing I have to buy into assuming the worst.
  • I give myself permission to consciously practicing making positive assumptions – and check out what happens!
  • I’m going to be making assumptions – I can make them from either side of the line – I choose to assume the best and move forward from there.
  • I free to assume the best outcome today when I…..
  • I expected something good to happen, and it did when I…
  • I’m consciously practicing making positive assumptions.


We all make assumptions, all the time – we need to in order to move forward. My simple assumption – well, truth be told, I have more than one.

Some of my favorites are:


This, or something even better!

Everything that happens is an opportunity for me to show up as my best self.

If everything was perfect, and it is all perfect, then…

This will all make sense later, so I’m believing it all makes sense now and acting from that place.


You are always operating from assumptions- what you believe to be true.

Try one of these on – it will completely change your perception of whatever is occurring…I DO suggest a bit of practice with these assumptions before you apply them to the big mountains in your life…and with practice you’ll find making positive assumptions transforms those challenges into something much easier to navigate.