Claim Where You’re Going

Commencement, graduation, the completion of a school grade or a chapter in your life. It’s all the same – letting go of the old, familiar and comfortable way and stepping into the unknown can be exciting, and a bit uncomfortable! If you’ve been thinking about stepping out of old patterns, and could use some support to grow into who you really are,  I encourage you to join me for the complimentary on-line Inner Critic to Inner Coach seminar July 13 – you can find the details here: 
Meanwhile, here’s a true story (most of mine are ;-)) about letting go of the old and stepping fully into the new!
The day after his last day of Grade 1, I asked my grandson “What grade are you in?” He replied, “I’m going into Grade 2!”
I suggested he could drop the “going into” and just say “I’m in Grade 2!”!
He looked at me in a puzzled way, and then I explained to him that if there were school tomorrow (which there isn’t and he’s glad of!), he would be in Grade 2.
He’s completed Grade 1 so I encouraged him to say “I’m in Grade 2!”
Often when we have completed something and are embarking on something new, we don’t truly step into owning it until we have the evidence clearly in front of us.
My grandson is a Grade 2 student. At his school he is on the list for Grade 2. Just because it hasn’t started yet he felt he couldn’t define himself that way.
What’s on your list that will manifest more quickly by you stepping fully into claiming it?
My grandson’s eyes lit up when he tried on “I’m in Grade 2”! Find the light in your eyes when you claim who you really are. You’ll discover it becomes more real and therefore it will manifest more quickly.
Kids don’t need to manifest September easily or quickly, they just need to enjoy summer – and we can all take a lesson from that as well. Claim where you’re going and then thoroughly enjoy the space between here and there!
  • I forgive myself for believing I need to stay stuck in the old pattern.
  • I give myself permission to acknowledge where I’m headed and claim it.
  • I can keep myself in a holding pattern or I can step into where I’m headed. I choose to step into who I really am and create it!
  • I am free to step fully into who I am today by…
  • I know what it feels like to acknowledge and claim who I really am and where I am headed, I did it when I…
  • I am claiming who I really am and my eyes are lighting up! I’m beginning my next “grade” NOW!
Ready for your “next chapter”? Join me for Inner Critic to Inner Coach. Upcoming dates and locations are listed here. It’s my gift to you – complimentary!
Remember how summer holidays felt when you were a kid?
Enjoy these beautiful summer days and imagine where you’d like to be in September! Begin by claiming it today!

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