Choices, Decisions and Getting Stuck


Sometimes I feel like I am “out of decides”. That place where it feels like I cannot make the simplest decisions – like “What shall I make for dinner” or “What will I wear today?”

It happens when I’m tired, hungry, thirsty – or just generally stressed.

When I try to force a decision from that place, it never turns out well.

When we are stressed, stretched, or out of sorts we forget who we really are and move into the place of fight, flight, fright. Survival is our MO.

There’s a whole lot of it going on right now.

Each and every one of us is being called on to make choices and decisions.

Who do I believe?

What should I do?

Where do I feel comfortable?

When will this all be over?

Why do I have to do that?

How do I do this?

And we get stuck, which can be a good thing if it stops us from making bad decisions and choices – but over time it leads to inertia, procrastination and it zaps our energy.


I focus on how I want to BE. When I connect with who I really am the answers flow.

forgive myself for believing I need to be stuck in indecision.

I give myself permission to connect with who I really am.

choose to focus on being myself.

I am free to show up as my best self today when I interact with others.

It felt great yesterday when I was true to myself.

The way out of this stuck place is to focus on being myself.

I am grateful for this opportunity to show up as a better version of myself.

When I support myself kindly, generously and lovingly, I am more able to make good choices and decisions. The stuck dissolves. My life flows. Only then am I in a position to be more supportive of my friends and family, my clients and students. When I am authentically connected to myself from a place of kindness, love and generosity, I contribute my best to my family, friends, work, community and the planet.

Living authentically allows us all to make decisions and choices that support not only ourselves but also those around us.

We aren’t solo travelers on this planet. Our choices and decisions ripple out and affect others. I’m making my choices from a place of love, understanding and compassion. Let’s do this together. Join me for Flip YOUR Switch, and discover the fast track to connecting to who you Really Are – even in times of indecision.



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