Celebrating YOU! Insight #30

My eldest brother and my guy share a birthday this week. I love birthdays – it is a chance for me to honour and celebrate my relationship with the “birthday boy” or “birthday girl” and tell them what I value about them, why they mean so much to me, and why I am so thrilled to have them be a part of my journey!

Learning to receive this can be challenging for some folks – I used to be one of them. Never wanting a fuss to be made or to be the centre of attention, I would deflect the well wishes and compliments, not realizing that in the process I was robbing the sender of the warm and loving feelings that come from letting someone know how much they are valued and appreciated.
I learned to receive, and I encourage you to do the same. Build this habit when you send greetings to others…Pause, and practice giving yourself the same celebratory wishes – doing this everytime someone you care about has a birthday …or something else to celebrate…opens you up to receiving more of the good you deserve and desire!

I forgive myself for believing I don’t need acknowledgement or celebration.
I give myself permission to let my good wishes for others apply to me as well.
I choose to value and celebrate my very BE-ing on the birthdays of my friends and families , as I celebrate them!
I am free to celebrate my part in the relationship and give myself gratitude!
I am so grateful to both Phil and Jim – they are loving, caring, and solid men…and I am so grateful to myself for BE-ing loving, caring, and solid – and being open to receiving that from them!
The more I focus on the qualities I appreciate in others, the more I develop and recognize those qualities in myself! I am loving, caring and solid!

Celebrate you as you celebrate your connections and relationships.
What will you celebrate today?
It is a great gift to the world for each of us to be the best we can be.