Calling “TIME OUT!”

Have you been beating yourself up? You made those Resolutions with the best of intentions, and now, a couple of weeks into 2016 you fell off the wagon. Whether it was a better eating plan, more visits to the gym, keeping on top of the paper clutter, or whatever your New Year’s Resolution involved, committing to change can be challenging.

Please stop making it harder on yourself.

You are changing a habit, and that means re-wiring the old tapes that are deeply imbedded in your subconscious. Creating more supportive habits requires conscious repetition until the new habit becomes deeply embedded.

Some good news! Creating any new habit happens faster when you:

1.    Acknowledge what you ARE doing toward the new way of BE-ing.

What you think about expands, so focus on the positive changes and expands them.

2.    You add emotion into the mix.

How will it feel when the new habit is your new normal? Flexible? Free? Happy?

Empowering? On path?

3.    You create more of the supportive feeling first, and then tie it to the new habit.

Rather than waiting until you’ve released 10 pounds to feel happy, focus on what makes you happy now, and spend more time being happy in this moment…and consciously be happy as you implement the experiences of the new habit.

4.    Re-pattern.

  • I forgive myself for believing I have to loose 10 pounds before I can be happy.
  • I give myself permission to expand my happiness beginning today.
  • I can stay in that old rut, or I can create a new supportive habit. I choose to be happy now, and create conscious moments of happiness throughout my day to reinforce the activities of my new habit.
  • I am free to focus on what makes me happy right now, and bring that feeling into my new activities.
  • I know what it feels like to be happy. It happens when I _________________.
  • I am consciously connecting with my own happiness and expanding it, and my supportive behaviors become habit.
  • I am creating my own happiness and those 10 pounds dissolve in my new way of BE-ing!

Repetition + Emotion = Learning

A new habit is simply new learning. How will the achievement of your goal or resolution feel when it has become part of who you are? Create the emotion, expand the emotion and then feel the emotion whenever you are engaging in the new behavior.

Your Resolutions WILL become your reality when you encourage and support yourself.



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