Belief Re-patterning 2022-07-07 00:31:44

Unexpected expenses, cause stress and that stress is not good for you. I know that many people think they should have an emergency fund, but have you ever really put it together? That’s where I was about 20 years ago until I re-patterned and decided to create a Peace of Mind fund. You may not have heard of it because I made up the name for me knowing saving money to create Peace of Mind is way easier than putting money into an emergency fund. Why? because you do want to save and create peace of mind. You don’t want to think about the possibility of an emergency – and so human nature pushes aside the emergency fund until often it is too late and the unexpected expense has occurred.

Maybe you are thinking “I’ll put it on my credit card.”…but then the credit card needs paying… And then there’s interest and that causes stress.

It is time to create peace of mind around your finances – present and future.

I’m tired of financial stress. I forgive myself for believing I need to carry it any longer. 

I give myself permission to create peace of mind around my finances, even if I’m not sure how. 

I can continue to have stress around my financial situation, or I can create more peace of mind. I’m the one who chooses.  

I am free to begin to create more peace of mind around my finances today by… (starting a Peace of Mind account, and investigating what support Suze and Maura offer)

know what peace of mind feels like, I experienced it when I… 

I am creating more peace of mind around my finances, and that feels… 

I’m grateful to myself for dissolving that old financial stress and creating more peace of mind. 

Unexpected expenses will always happen. Proactively creating a plan so that you can navigate them with Peace of Mind makes sense. Do Money Like it Makes Sense. Join Maura and I either online for the virtual course Behaviors and Beliefs or in person in Airdrie in August. Whether you are an entrepreneur or looking at your personal finances – 2 days, your choice.  And watch for the “After” pictures. Unexpected Expense transformed into Beautiful Renovation with Peace of Mind!

Let’s do this, together.



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