Belief Re-patterning 2014-07-31 16:33:45

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

It’s a lyric from a song (recorded in 1970 by Canadian rock group Five Man Electrical Band) that complains about all the signs telling us what to do and not do…however in true re-patterning style, I’ve turned it around to be something more supportive.
I like asking for signs, and am continuously amazed by the “answers” I receive!
Whether you believe the angels are answering your request, or you think it is all coincidence…or somewhere in-between, I encourage you to try on the practice of asking for “signs”.
I find it a fun way to be in the world.
When challenging times arise, or a decision needs to be made, or you are wondering if you are “doing the right thing”, simply ask for a sign, and then be delighted by what appears! It may be a physical sign, or it may just be something that happens. 
I remember wrestling with the decision to leave my teaching position 15 years ago. I asked for a “sign”. The next morning I woke myself up laughing…in a dream I was walking toward a sign…as I got closer I read “GOING PLACES!”…I got up, faxed in my resignation and have been “going places” ever since!
  • forgive myself for believing I have to do it all on my own.
  • I give myself permission to ask for support from something “bigger” than me.
  • choose to ask for a sign and be open to receiving one!
  • I am free to follow the signs I receive.
  • I’ve experienced asking for a “sign” and got it when I……
  • delight in asking for, and receiving signs!
Both of these signs appeared within minutes of me asking for a sign to support me in specific situations.
I thought you’d like to see them!
I’d love to hear your stories of receiving signs – call in on the show today, or post the story on Facebook. Or email me a picture of your favorite signs and I’ll share them.
Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs – it is a different take than the song, and one which supports me in living a delightful life!