Being Heavy Weighing you Down?

NEW!!!! On-line Seminar with Suze!

First time being offered on-line, this popular seminar gives you 2+ hours of practical ways to put into action what you already know about physical well-being. Suze released nearly 80 lbs in 6 months last year – and has kept it off! She’s sharing her secrets with you!

With a goal of 100 lbs released in one year (April 2012 – 2013), Suze is walking her talk!

She is using the Belief Re-patterning technique she created to get on track with her physical wellness – and maintaining a healthy body weight!

We all know what we need to do – but it is the mind set we bring to the process that makes the difference!

Suze will work with you to discover and release the beliefs that are sabotaging your best efforts to attain, and maintain a healthy body. Not about diet or exercise, this session is getting your subconscious mind in the game. This time IS going to be different!

-2X 1.25 hour seminar.
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