BE-ing Your Own Best Mom!

This will be my first Mother’s Day since my mom passed, and it has me thinking about how I carry forward the positive attributes of my Mom. Everyone’s Mom, yours included, did the best she was able to do at any given point in time – however no one can meet another’s needs completely. Maybe your Mom did a terrific job of meeting your needs, maybe she wasn’t aware of what your needs were – or maybe she just wasn’t capable.

What did your Mom do? If the first thing that comes to mind is something that makes you smile, why not do that for yourself? You may find yourself reading a story aloud, baking cookies or tucking yourself into bed early. If what comes to mind is painful or upsetting, think of what you wish your Mom had been able to do, and then do THAT for yourself. You may find yourself listening more compassionately to yourself, believing in yourself more deeply or taking yourself to the park.

Think of someone you know who is a terrific mom – how is she with others?…and then try BE-ing that way with yourself.


  • I forgive myself for believing I don’t need mothering.
  • I give myself permission to mother myself in ways that are supportive, loving and healing for me.
  • I choose to strengthen my relationships with others by “mothering” myself in supportive ways.
  • I am free to mother myself this weekend by…
  • I know what it feels like to be supported in a motherly way – it happened when…
  • I am deepening my relationship with myself, and others by mothering myself.


And then pay it forward – someone you know needs a big hug, or freshly baked cookies, or a walk to the park. Let’s all celebrate our own ability to “mother” ourselves and others this weekend, as we honour the women who gave us life!