BE-ing the light

The alarm went off too early this morning. Generally I open my eyes and am excited to greet another day, but today my body protested, and my mind got in on the action. I was tired. I’ve been keeping long hours and packing a lot into my days. Daily activities are ramped up trying to complete projects before the year’s end, and the added functions and gift-buying and special events tap into our reserves. Combining all of that with fewer than 8 hours of daylight (we are approaching Winter Solstice!), and the “I just want to hibernate” feeling is totally justifiable…but it doesn’t get me what I want.

Last week, I had loads of energy! I am one of the organizers of the Canadian Folk Music Awards  – an annual event celebrating music that comes from the heart. The folk community is a wonderful, creative and caring group, and the energy was infectious. My spirit was completely fed.

This morning as I turned my mind toward the events of this past weekend, the tiredness dissolved. My light rekindled! My body’s energy rose! A smile erupted and just by remembering I put myself back on track!

I forgive myself for believing I’m too tired to tap into my passion.

I give myself permission to shine my light!

I choose to connect with others who are also living their passion and boost my body’s natural immunity!

I am free to keep my body, mind and soul healthy and happy by living from my light!

I felt my passion when I …..

I commit to living my soul’s delight today by ….


Often when the days get busy the very things that support us are the things that get shelved. We drop away from the gym, we over eat foods that compromise our body’s ability to process them, and we burn the candle at both ends.

Let’s all burn our candles with joy and creativity! The light you generate will raise your vibration, boost your immunity and illuminate the world!