A perspective in disaster….

Earthquake news continues, with the after shocks, avalanches, and mudslides contributing to the continually climbing numbers of confirmed deaths. Challenges such as the lack of clean water and non-sanitary conditions will continue to plague Nepal for a long time.

Countries around the world are mounting rescue, relief and humanitarian efforts.

Many of us are asking, “What can I do?”

May I suggest ask yourself instead “Given this situation, how do I want to BE?”


  • I forgive myself for believing my being upset helps.
  • I give myself permission to acknowledge what has happened and move forward with hope and belief in my heart.
  • I choose to send love and support – in my thoughts and in my actions.
  • I am free to send positive energy – they really need it!
  • I know what it feels like to be supportive in a positive and uplifting way.
  • I am increasing positive energy in my own circle, and then sending that to those who need to be uplifted wherever they may be.


Some ideas…

If you choose to give, rather than giving from feelings of pity, make your donation with hope, belief and love.

Make today count. Hug someone. Acknowledge someone.

Be as kind as you can be to everyone you meet – you don’t know how they may have been affected.

Do something of significance – in your own family, community, or on the national or international scene – every Humanitarian act makes a difference.

Send prayers of support.

Hold a vision of good health, strength and courage for those who are helping and those who are in need of their assistance.


As we each become lighter, the world becomes brighter.