A change in plans….

Airplanes. They feel like fax machines for people. You file in, sit for a period of time, and file out somewhere completely different. Popping out of one “reality” and into another one. Both “realities” continue with or without my presence, and intellectually I know there are any number of other realities I could step into or out of simply with a decision.

A phone call last week 30 minutes before my weekly radio show switched our realities quickly. Within 24 hours we were on a plane bound for a family funeral, the brown winter landscape of Canada giving way to the “green so intense it hurts my eyes” of Australia. We’d planned to be here next month, yet today I find myself keeping cool in the air-conditioned kitchen of my partner’s family home, rather than keeping warm by the fire of my home in Calgary.

An early morning walk in the “gum” trees this morning was accompanied by the laughter of the kookaburra, and yesterday we walked at the ocean and body surfed in the waves. I went out to investigate the chainsaw sound of the gardener, and watched him “trim” the Bird of Paradise bush in the front yard…the trimmings of which became a bouquet on the sideboard. The Aussie relatives laughed when I said it would cost more than $100 to purchase the bouquet in Calgary, and here the blooms are composted as lawn trimmings. Different realities. Different decisions.


  • I forgive myself for believing the ways things have been are the way they have to stay.
  • I give myself permission to change the aspects of my reality I don’t like with a decision.
  • I choose to make decisions that support the reality I want to create.
  • I am free to change my reality, simply with a decision.
  • I know what it feels like to change my reality easily, it happened when I…
  • I am the co-creator of my reality, and I consciously make decisions that support me.


My day-to-day world seemed so important, yet one phone call altered our lives forever. It doesn’t need to take a long time to change your reality – just a decision.

Namaste, Suze