365 THE APP is here!!



Every day, 365 days, you’ll receive a focus word or phrase designed to raise your vibration!

Your thoughts create your world.

My Grandma used to say “a penny for your thoughts”!

A mindful, daily practice – you know it’s effective, but who has time?

What if there was a simple, practical and profound way to focus your subconscious mind?

365 Re-pattern – the APP that sends you a text message with a focus word, and a positive thought to integrate the word into your day – every day, 365 days of the year!

Based on the book Belief Re-patterning – The Amazing Technique for “Flipping the Switch” to Positive Thoughts, and created by Suze Casey, this simple, effective and powerful APP supports you – all day, every day.

A penny a day.

365 Re-pattern – your thoughts are worth it! Get YOUR 2013 APP!!

For I-Phone Users:
Apple pricing policy won’t allow anything other than prices ending in .99…, so 365 is rounded up to $3.99
Go to the APPs store, and Search for 365 Re-pattern
Follow the easy instructions for purchase (You will need an Apple Store account to do this – takes a minute to set it up if you don’t have one, and your password if you do!)
Download the APP

Click “Agree” to have the App send you messages (this will bring the word to your phone as a message, as long as the APP is open on your phone)

For Android – The instructions are the same as for Apple Store except it is Google Play instead of i-Tunes / App Store, and the price is $3.65 in Google Play.

**Make sure that you agree to the PUSH messages to get the daily word.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry

ADDED BONUS! There is a tab on the APP titled Radio Show – click here for the immediate download of “Flipping the Switch with Suze” – all of the shows, beginning with April 3rd will be archived and easily accessed from your mobile device – whenever and wherever you choose!