What do I REALLY want?

All I want for Christmas is…

If it is something material you desire – that’s OK. We are here in this world experiencing “things”, so give yourself permission to want “things”. It isn’t anti-spiritual to want, it is human. What “things” would you like? Even though I am pretty much past the part of my life where I want to accumulate more things – I do still love presents under the tree to open. What I REALLY want is excitement, experiences, anticipation, love, connection, kindness, thoughtfulness – all of which can be represented by a “gift”.

One of my favorite gifts every year (and I do hope my daughter is reading this ? is the family calendar she creates filled with family photos. During the year the calendar helps me unplug by planning holidays and social events, and brings me immediately to the place of love when I see my grandkids beaming out from the pages. Thank you for the gift.

Another favorite gift last year was a stunningly beautiful hand-painted silk scarf– I admit it took me a few months to step into the place of feeling comfortable wearing something so expensive. My partner’s gift deepened my self-appreciation and worthiness. Thank you for the gift.

  • I forgive myself for believing I don’t need anything.
  • I give myself permission to explore what I really need – body, mind and soul.
  • I choose to create the emotions I desire for myself, send them out to others, and receive them back with grace.
  • I am free to ask for whatever I desire.
  • I know what it feels like to receive my desires, and I am grateful to myself for learning to receive with grace.
  • I am expanding my ability to be my best self, and gifts of the heart – both given and received – support my expansion to be.  


So – take another look at your gift-list. If you could give those you care about a feeling of _____ what would that feeling be? And then wrap that feeling up in whatever material gifts you choose to give.

As for your wish list – ask the Universe to provide what you REALLY want, determine how it feels, and then create and claim the feeling for yourself. When you know how it feels, you will give and receive openly. In order for there to be a gift there must be a willing recipient.

What do you really want? The Universe is poised and ready to provide it to you!