Valentine’Day is approaching

Valentine’Day was approaching, and I could feel the sadness in my heart…yet another
Valentine’s Day on my own. The commercials and the store displays were not helping, I was

aiming for a full-on self-pity party…….

before you get too concerned, this was 15 years ago – read on – there is a fairytale ending!


I wished I had someone in my life who would buy me flowers – so I decided to buy myself a

dozen exquisite long stemmed roses.


A few days later my parents were over. Mom commented on the roses – how beautiful they were,
how they had such a wonderful aroma, what an incredible deep red they were…I agreed! Then
she asked “Who gave you these stunning roses?”

I answered truthfully, “I bought them for myself.”

Her reply “You foolish woman wasting your money like that.”

I replied, “Every time I look at them I feel loved and appreciated.”

Interestingly enough, Mom started occasionally buying flowers for herself after that!


  •  I forgive myself for believing it is foolish to be my own best Valentine.
  •  I give myself permission to value and appreciate myself.
  •  I choose to be my own best Valentine by …..
  •  I am free to value and appreciate myself.
  • One of the ways I value and appreciate myself is by…
  • I am becoming my own Best Valentine!

Here’s to fun and creative ways of loving yourself. Drop me a note on Facebook, or send a reply
and share your plans. I’ll read them all on next week’s show and and give you some ideas every

day this week to “get you in the mood” for loving yourself!



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