Sweet ’16

Sweet ’16! 

One of my friends began 2016 by signing her emails “Sweet ‘16”.

Thank you – I love it – and I’m sharing it with you today.

When I look for the sweetness everyday it makes a big difference in how I experience the events and circumstances that come my way.

What’s sweet in your world today?

The morning hug you give yourself? The kids on the corner on their way to school? The squirrel in the tree outside the window? The call from a friend, your smile when the elevator door opens, the cup of tea in the middle of the afternoon?


  • I forgive myself for believing my day has to be tough.
  • I give myself permission to experience the sweetness of life today.
  • I can focus on what is tough or I can focus on what is sweet – it is my choice. I choose sweet!
  • I am free to sweeten my day today by ________________.
  • I am free to consciously sweeten 3 other people’s day today.
  • I know that sweet feeling.
  • I am consciously expanding it today, and making 2016 “sweet”!


Sweet doesn’t have to be chocolate and red hearts, but it could be! The signs of Valentine’s Day are everywhere – what will happen if we all use them to remind ourselves to look on the “sweet side” of life? 

Who’s in?

Sweet ’16.

Let’s make it so!

Namaste,  Suze 


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