So many wishes, hopes, and dreams for 2015

So many wishes, hopes, and dreams for 2015!

We cross the threshold of midnight wide-eyed and excited about the possibilities and often, within a few days, all of our excited resolution for change seems to evaporate. Could it be that we are simply putting too much onto the day, that although marks the end of one year and the beginning of the next, is really only a moment in time?

This year let’s try something new! Pick one thing each day that you will do differently. Choose one small task to complete and celebrate it. Give gratitude every day for what already is, and use that energy to propel you toward what it is that you desire.

Big results are the natural outcome from small actions in the direction of our dreams. Let’s all stop overwhelming ourselves by deciding everything’s going to change in the blink of the single second that separates 2014 from 2015. Create each midnight of this year as a moment of change fueled by the acknowledgment of your accomplishments each day.

New Year’s is a touchstone, an opportunity to reflect and then imagine!

Where we will all be this same time next year?

Every day I choose a guiding word – the 365 Re-pattern APP was created to support others in this daily practice. Each year I also choose a guiding word – in 2014 my guiding word was harmony, and today I acknowledge all the harmony I’ve created and experienced moment-by-moment, action-by-action, day-by-day this past year.

My guiding word for 2015 is influence…and my days will be framed with questions such as:

How do I become a more positive influence?

Whose influence do I treasure?

What kind of influence do I choose to be in every interaction?

What influences am I happy with today?

Where might I step up and increase my influence?

Just for fun, I checked the dictionary definition of influence:

1.    Supposed flowing from stars of ethereal fluid affecting character and destiny of man

2.    Action of person or thing on or upon another, perceptible only in its affects; ascendancy, moral power, induction (proving truth of theorum by showing  that if true of any particular case it is true of the next case in a series)

Isn’t it interesting to discover the true meaning of a word? Isn’t it even more interesting to uncover the true meaning of you?


  • I forgive myself for believing the way things have been the way they’re going to stay.
  • I give myself permission to create 2015 by developing more ability to be a positive influence day-by-day.
  • I can wait and see what happens or I can be guided – I choose to be guided by my own influence.
  • I am free to deepen my influence by consciously speaking my truth today.
  • I am grateful for the appreciation I receive from others and from myself – that encourages me to continue!
  • When I show up as who I really am I am a positive influence. I deepen my ability to do that this year!


How will you be guided this year?

May 2015 be filled with many dreams realized!

Enter the year with peace in your heart, hug the ones you love and let them know why.