Pink Clouds or Black Clouds?

“I Call what you do

“Pink Cloud Thinking”

“Thank you” I replied.

 choose how I respond to anything and everything that is said to me. I frame it within my belief system, and then I respond. It is what each and everyone of us does all the time. In the past I might have felt the need to retaliate, or defend my position, but this day I smiled and said “Thank you”. Pink Cloud thinking in my frame of reference is a good thing. There will always be clouds, and I spent enough time under the dark ones to know I prefer pink. For me that means I look for the upside and make that my reality. I’ve been accused of being a Pollyanna, of not dealing with reality – and I bet you have too. And regardless of what others think, I prefer the life I am creating to those I witness who are focused on the storm clouds.

  • forgive myself for believing others define me.
  • I give myself permission to be a positive and upbeat influence in the world.
  • I can focus on what’s dark, or I can focus on what’s light – both exist, and I choose to focus on what is light.
  • I am free to focus on the light today when I___________
  • My “pink cloud thinking” supported me when I _______.
  • I am a “Pink Cloud Thinker” – and I own it!

That evening while I watched the sky ablaze with the sunset, I gave gratitude to myself for finding the pink clouds in life. They are always there – along with the dark clouds. It is simply a matter of choice.



(aka Pink Cloud Thinker and Proud of It!)

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