Just Let it Go … Easier Said than Done

I’ve been watching this once robust snowman on my street slowly dissolve as our temperatures climbed from -35C to +11C.

Soon there will be nothing remaining of the once solid snowman. Your thought patterns can be dissolved in a similar way. Trying to knock them out or push them away is like trying to move a snowman – once formed they just don’t budge all that easily. But apply some sunshine and warmer temperatures through compassionate self-talk, and like the snowman, those old patterns will dissolve…

Q. Even when I know it isn’t good for me, I hang on. Why?

A. Because your subconscious mind is wired to hang onto the decisions you’ve made.

Q. Then why won’t my subconscious mind hang onto the new, healthy, supportive decisions I make?

A. Your mind creates intricate connections and patterns. These neural pathways are created in two main ways: repetition and emotion. Old decisions simply have more repetitions, and a significant emotional charge keeping them in place. …By replaying negative emotion (worry, anger, frustration etc) attached to decisions, experiences and situations of the past you remain stuck in old patterns. By increasing the positive emotions attached to current decisions, experiences and situations, you strengthen the neural pathways on the supportive side, dissolve the old patterns, and create more positive future outcomes.

QSo how do I let things go?

A. By increasing the supportive emotions, and training your subconscious mind to do the repetitions on the “up” side…

  • forgive myself for believing I have to let go of anything. I’ve tried it and it is hard!
  • I give myself permission to dissolve non-supportive things in my life by creating positive, supportive emotions.
  • I can let go of non-supportive things or I can dissolve them by creating positive things. I choose to create supportive things.
  • I am free to create what supports me, starting with my self-talk!
  • I know what it feels like to create supportive feelings, it happens when I ….
  • I am consciously creating positive feelings, and training my subconscious mind to create supportive patterns.
  • Good for me for consciously creating supportive thoughts!

You can, and will, re-pattern whatever you choose.



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