Inside Out – Indeed!

Last year I began a tradition with my grand daughter– for her 6th birthday we went for a movie and lunch date. Last week it was my grandson’s turn to join his cousin and I in this celebratory jaunt to the movie theatre. One of my favorite, early memories of my Gran was being taken to the movie theatre for a matinee, and I wanted to build some of those memories with my grand kidlets.

I’d heard a bit about Inside Out, and knew it invited viewers to “Meet the little voices in your head”. WOW!

Watch a 2 minute excerpt here

After the movie we chatted a long time about some of the other voices – and how they play out for all of us. The kids understood that when Joy is at the controls, things work well – and Joy works even better when Sadness, Fear, and even Anger have their input…and we all laughed at Disgust – we recognized that voice!

  • I forgive myself for believing that any of my emotions are “bad”.
  • I give myself permission to remember that all my emotions are important.
  • I choose which emotions are “at the controls” of my life.
  • I am free to use anger, fear, and sadness to point me in the direction of peace, security and joy!
  • I know what it feels like to move through sadness to joy.
  • I am mindfully creating my emotional well-being.

Rarely do I emphatically recommend anything for everyone – with a well deserved 98% Thumbs Up rating, this movie is making a positive impact on our understanding of how our minds work. Super entertaining, fun, and real – treat yourself and someone you care about to a wonderful movie, and great conversations to follow!