Give Yourself the Gift of Wonder

Travel is not simple these days, but it is worth it! We wondered if we could do it – staying healthy, focused and relaxed – and we have!

Seeing family and friends after 3.5 years has been golden, and worth all the hoops, paperwork, tests and lineups. Sydney gave us a grand farewell with Vivid – a celebratory light show on buildings and bridges and ferries! Join me for a quick wander and wonder through the CBS and Circular Quay. Families smiling and everyone joyful.

Focusing on the wonder got us through the challenges.

forgive myself for believing I need to focus on the 3.5 hour check-in and security process @ Sydney Airport this morning.

I give myself permission to focus on all the wonderful gifts of this trip!

choose to relax and focus on the smiles, hugs, music, laughter and meaningful conversations.

I am free to relax and think about how fabulous it was to dive off the boat and into the ocean!

I know how to relax and sleep on this 15 hour flight – I do it every time!

I am relaxed and I am grateful for my ability to re-pattern and stay calm so I could successfully navigate this morning’s challenges!

Here’s to our 42 hour Wednesday June 8th and for giving ourselves and our family this gift!

What Gift of Wonder will you treat yourself to? You are so worth it!!