Different Perspective

There’s nothing like being told to put your affairs in order to create a different perspective. I was fortunate – that is what happened to me 28 years ago – nearly half of my life! I fooled them all and stuck around, and that experience brought me wonderful lessons…make moments count, hug the people I love and every day indulge in something I love.

Yesterday it was a walk in the Aspen grove a block from my home. The fall has been long and beautiful here – usually we have a killing frost before the end of September, but this year the trees are magnificent. Just walking along the shimmering gold pathway makes my heart sing. All the cares and concerns melt away, creative ideas flow, and I remember who I really am.

I’m worth it, and I value my time. And I am trading my life for what really matters to me.

  • I forgive myself for believing that I don’t have time for what I really love.
  • I give myself permission to value myself and do something I really love.
  • I choose to deepen my feelings of self-worth by valuing my time.
  • I am free to indulge myself today by…
  • I know what it feels like to value myself – it happened when I … (went for a walk in the Aspens yesterday)
  • I am trading the moments of my life for what really matters – to me.

…and if you find your Inner Critic disagreeing with you, do something in the next 10 minutes to prove that you ARE trading your life for what really matters…and then go do it!