Control What You Can – Leave The Rest to Trust

This week’s Musings are written by one of our Practitioners, Julie Thulin.

Control What You Can – Leave The Rest to Trust

The past few weeks – maybe months – have been a big reminder to me that I can’t control everything……..and having been called a control freak more than once, this is a big deal for me. It’s not like I actually believe I have control over everything, in fact, I’m pretty good at recognizing my limitations. But today – after reading and sharing far too many posts about the US Election debacle my inner voice spoke to me loud and clear………”Julie, you have to let this go.”.

Let it go?!?!? But there’s so much to be said, so many opinions to consider, so much at stake!! “Let it go……..let it all go and trust”

Bam!! That last word – trust – hit me like a ton of bricks. I took a deep breath and realized that somewhere along the way I have forgotten to trust. I used to be great at trusting that everything was playing out as it’s meant to, however the death of my uncle, the dementia diagnosis with my mom, the slow start to my new business……..all these and more had me spending far too much time in my head and not near enough time in my heart. I have been overthinking so many things and areas in my life that the small, powerful voice of my soul has been drowned out by noise that doesn’t serve me. Now I completely recognize this noise is my ego……my need to control things, to make things right, to have a handle on life’s challenges……..but today I was reminded that trust is one of the most powerful tools in my toolbox.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve said to clients and friends “Get out of your head and into your heart, that’s where the power lies” yet I forgot to follow my own fabulous advice.

So today I vowed to follow my own advice and that offered in the Serenity Prayer……. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”

I can’t change the fact the my Aunt has lost her partner but I can trust that she will be fine as she goes through her grieving process. I can love her and support her during this time.

I can’t change the fact that my mom has been diagnosed with Dementia but I can trust that both she and my dad know my love for them is strong and that as a family we will do our best to deal with this hand that has been dealt us. I can ensure that my time with both my parents is filled with creating memories and do my best to take care of them and love them no matter what happens.

I can’t change the fact that I retired from my career to pursue my dream and the process is moving slower than I’d like but I can trust that it’s all unfolding as it’s meant to and I am learning and growing in this process. I can do my work and trust that I am making a difference.

And as for the US election I realize I have no control over what happens there – I can’t even vote – but I trust that enough people will vote from their heart and that whoever takes office understands the power they have to either unite or divide. I trust they choose unity.

Thanks for the timely reminder Julie!
Here’s some re-patterning statemens to reinforce Julie’s thought-provoking perspective!

I forgive myself for believing it has to be hard to let go and trust.
I give myself permission to do what I do best and trust the rest will unfold in the best wy to support all.
My mind can fret and worry or I can live from my heart. I choose to trust, and act from my heart.
I am free to do what I can from my heart today by…
I know what happens when I trust and live from my heart…it happened when I..
I am learning to deepen my trust and live more from my heart and it feels like ME!

For our American friends, keep believing in the best.
The rest of us are holding a space for you to choose from your heart.


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