BE-ing makes all the difference

I had a situation this yesterday where things weren’t sitting right. I know you’ve been there too. Do you “mind your own business” and stay out of it, or do you speak your truth and bring your concerns to light?

Sometimes keeping your own counsel is the best path, and sometimes speaking up is the better route – how do you know what to do?

Remember – it isn’t about DO-ing, it IS about how you want to show up in any given situation. It is the way you are BE-ing that makes all the difference.

  • I forgive myself for believing that I should mind my own business.
  • I give myself permission to stop focusing on “things not being right” and discover what works to help things get better.
  • I give myself permission to decide how I want to “BE”, and move forward from the “up” side of the line.
  • I choose to be my best version of myself and act from that way of being.
  • I am free to be my best self to help things get better today when I…
  • I know what it feels like to help make things right – I did it by keeping my own counsel when I…
  • I also know what it feels like to help make things right – I did it by compassionately speaking my truth when I…
  • I am helping “things be right”.

My choice? I kept my own counsel, got myself into a supportive frame of mind, and then wrote a note cleanly and clearly outlining what my perceptions were from a compassionate place of shedding light on the situation, and made a couple of positive suggestions. Next time I might “DO’ something different, but I know I’ll “BE” the best version of myself I can be in the situation!